July 6th, 2006

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Anyone want a free rail ticket?

As advertised in bicon, I am a spoon and managed to book my outward rail travel for Wednesday 12th July instead of Thursday 13th July. As it's a Virgin Value ticket, it would cost me more to correct the booking than to just buy a new ticket. So the Wednesday ticket is up for grabs. Totally free, I can't be bothered to try to make my money back - it's probably not legal to sell on existing tickets anyway. If you can afford it, you could make a donation to the BiCon Helping Hand fund for £17.50, but this is purely optional.

The booking is for the 13:46 train from London Euston, arriving at Glasgow Central at 18:46. You must get that train as the ticket is only valid on it. Anyone interested?
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I have had my ultrasound today, and it said...

There are now "a few" "small" stones in my gall bladder!

This is a Very Good Thing. When I had the first ultrasound in July 2005, there were tons of the buggers. Even I could see them with no training whatsoever - they appeared on the mostly black & white ultrasound picture as coloured spheroids which sparkled & "spangled" as I moved around. There was also lots of "sludge", which is mostly what was causing me pain.

So the gallstone-dissolving medication is working, and no new gallstones have formed. Hooray!

This does not, of course, guarantee that my gall bladder won't spontaneously start producing more stones in a year, 5 years or 10 years - but it means I'm ok for now :)