September 6th, 2006

aibo, sleepy, cute


I haven't really been here for a few days. Friday was not my last day of evil summer school after all - while the group lessons finished, a few people continued with individual lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Between working all over the weekend and the fact I'm not breathing well at the moment, I haven't had enough functioning brain to read livejournal or talk to anyone on the phone.

Fortunately, I have absolutely no work between now & Monday, so I can get some house things and some organising done. Tomorrow's a 5p listing day on eBay UK, so I'll be posting all the clothes that no longer fit me that are worth trying to sell. I suppose I'll charity shop the rest. I need to get the camera's memory card cleared off so I can take photos, which means I might just get round to posting the Paris photos, you never know.

We also have concrete plans to do something about the breathing situation. I have really bad dust mite allergy (to put it into perspective, when they did skinprick tests for my inhaled allergies Collapse ) This is supposed to be dealt with by things like dust mite proof mattresses (yes, I have a latex mattress and pillow despite also being allergic to latex - it's trapped behind several layers of fabric so not a problem), opening up the sheets & airing out the bed every day, HEPA filter vacuum cleaner, etc etc. Except there's a limit to the amount of cleaning I have the energy to do on a daily basis, and it's much easier to limit the amount of soft furnishings instead. So we've been planning to rip out all the carpets in our house & replace them with wooden flooring since before we even moved here.

Collapse )