October 22nd, 2006

rainbow chemistry geek

Gratuitous icon post!

Hmmm... so, I delved into an archive of icons ripped from The Sims 2, because I needed them for something in game. Instead of getting anything useful done with the icons like I meant to, I made avatars for random friends... All are stealable with credit except my rainbow chemistry geek.

I love DNA i love biology I *heart* atoms! Chem geek love
I love maths! rainbow algebra Boooooks mmm, books!

College / University blue University sunny University is scary Graduate with honours Star Scientist Star Artist

Woohoo! Polyamory polyamory - text bi & poly
How rude! Simulated nudity! kinky handcuffs Warning: cuteness

sick + thermometer

More may well follow next time I'm bored :)
Sims 2

More gratuitous icon postage

Updated my last post with 11 more icons, making a total of 8 geeky, 6 university/college, 8 sexuality and 1 illness-related. Go & have a look! Not doing any more for now because I have a Sims photo story to finish (which was the whole reason I was looking at the icons in the first place!). But they're reasonably trivial to create, so I can theoretically take requests if you're not fussed about timescale.
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