October 27th, 2006


there's a hole in my floor that can only be filled by yooooouuu.

I feel like I should post to say we're all still alive here. After five days of work, we have slightly less hole and slightly more floor. I was going to upload a bunch of photos of the Floor In Progress, but I think we've lost the little box that camera memory cards plug into, and I'm way too tired to annotate them anyway. My lungs are basically ok due to the amazing protective features of THE MASK, though I think I'll be cleaning black bogies out of my nose for weeks ;)

Currently wondering just how monogamous people manage to get anything done in their houses, let alone single people. It's taken both partners & me five days to do this much, and we haven't exactly been slacking off (they've been working from noon to 11pm every day, except Wednesday which was a crappy day for so many reasons - I've been here as and when inbetween work and menstrual gnomes). I think people who live alone and achieve major DIY projects must be superheroes!

Anyway: there is a damp Amazonian Alexa in front of me, and Richard's downstairs making coffee, and most of what I want to say won't make sense until the photos are online, so *yawn* *stretch*. We would appreciate people coming over to have a Furniture-Moving Party on Sunday afternoon/eveningish. Anyone who's feeling vaguely strong can come by & help us shift stuff. (Lots of it isn't heavy at all, just annoying, like bags of paperback books looted from the bookshelves before we moved them.) I will feed you! Shout in the comments here if you're coming to make sure I have enough of the right types of food.