March 5th, 2007



Haven't been around much online because I'm playing vast quantities of Ōkami. It will probably surprise you not at all that it's pretty much my perfect game. You are a (female) wolf who is the reincarnation of the sun goddess, and you restore trees, feed animals, fight monsters, and do calligraphy with your tail. And the whole thing is based heavily on Japanese mythology. Honestly, the only way it could be more of an h-l game would be if there was a rhythm action component where she played a musical instrument with her tail.

Also, Alexa is staying, and we're being vaguely social together in a low-energy sort of way. Pretty much everyone I know is severely short of energy at the moment.

Somehow, February ended while I wasn't looking, meaning it's time for me to do all my invoices. In fact, today being 5th March, they're already overdue. Argh.