March 7th, 2007



Today, I feel rotten. My PMS has been bad this month - not as bad as it used to be, but much worse than it has been for a long time. I've been irritable, depressed and somewhat paranoid for a week.

Last night I had bad dreams followed by a very good dream which made me sad when I woke up because it isn't true. I want to crawl into a hole and die. Instead, I have to attempt to do invoices, and get out of the house early enough to pay for the flights I booked yesterday, and get myself to work - and even the leaving the house bit feels like an impossible task right now. Ugh.

I need a cuddle.

vegan food: porn, and airline food

Tonight for dinner I had falafel and hummous with grilled vegetables and salad, and I want to rant about "no dressing on my salad" and how difficult a request it seems to be for people to fulfill. Too tired for ranting, though. Richard ended up taking my salad downstairs and washing it in the sink to get rid of all the ick. I think what I need to do is make it clear when I order that if the salad comes with dressing on, I will send it back, and keep sending it back until it's right. It's difficult to do that when you're bloody hungry, though, and I can only do it when both of a) I have sufficient energy to argue and b) the salad dressing will actively make me ill are true.

I was craving red peppers and chickpeas and tomato sauce, so we could either have made pasta with those things or got food from elsewhere with them in. The grilled vegetable salad is red pepper, courgette/zucchini and aubergine/eggplant, with a mixture of interesting leaves such as rocket and lollo rosso. My body is quite good at craving what it needs. I find if I rely on one protein source for too long, my body craves all the other kinds I can have. Lately, I've been eating a lot of nuts and soya, so today I was craving chickpeas. I don't know about the red peppers and tomatoes. Maybe my body decided i needed red food to make up for having a period soon? Not that either of those will be any good for haemoglobin production! but there's iron in the green leafy parts of the salad, I 'spose.

In other news, today I managed to impress the woman in the travel agents by knowing the official cross-airline code for a vegan meal (it's VGML). Well, when you are horribly lactose intolerant and tend to get travelsick at the best of times, the idea of spending your entire flight & first day in a country locked in the bathroom doesn't appeal! I'm trying to remember which airline it was who managed to give me a dairy yogurt that contained gelatine for breakfast, something which could only have become less vegan by including meat (mmmm, delicious beef yogurt!). I seem to remember that was after some other passenger "stole" my prebooked vegan meal, though.

I've actually had some fairly decent food on some airlines. Vegan chocolate chip cookies have featured on Northwest and United airline menus. The main meal on one Northwest flight was a little too "nuts and berries" for my liking, but all the others have been good. BA's main meal was ok but they really struggled to find puddingy things. They did the absolutely agonising thing of equating vegan with "healthy eating", and served a pudding with icing, cream and custard to the omnivores, while giving me a fruit salad. Argh! Fruit is nice, and good for hydration - but if you're serving something gooey and rich in calories to everyone else, give me something interesting too, please! (Even a fruit coulis to go with the fruit salad is better than nothing - and a sorbet is excellent). Also, the "non-dairy creamer" that BA gave me for coffee had lactose as an ingredient! (I was going to write and complain, but it was in the middle of one of my depressed phases and I just couldn't get round to it.) In general, I find the American airlines are *much* better than the European ones - they buy in vegan cakes and cookies from small bakeries. The European airlines panic and give you fruit. Meh.