April 5th, 2007

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Odd things I noticed while travelling

Post written last night at the airport:
It's 21:57, I'm checked in and sitting at the gate, but my flight isn't until 23:35. The weather in New York today was so bad I couldn't work out how long it would take to get here, so I left at 7pm. I predict a lot of boredom in my future... Wonder if I'll be bored enough to type an entire trip report on this tiny PDA keyboard?

Signs that simply make no sense
Since I started dating an autistic person, I've started to notice signs that are confusing if taken literally. I'd like to hope that any spectrum people who were able to travel independently would recognise the implicit understanding in the standard airline security check of "Has anyone given you anything to take on this flight?", and not need to mention that the person at the check-in desk gave them a boarding pass. But I genuinely hope that airline and security staff have sufficient diversity training not to drag someone aside if they mention the boarding pass, and would know to follow up with "Has anyone given you anything else to take on this flight?".

I must admit to a few seconds of bewilderment when I saw a sign in an aeroplane toilet which said "Only toilet paper can be flushed down this lavatory." If that's taken literally, it means you're not allowed to use the toilet for its usual purpose! WTF?!

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the ultra-micro NY report

My flight was hideously delayed owing to it having to wait for 3 people from Dallas whose incoming flight was hideously delayed :( I also achieved less than 2 seconds of sleep on the plane (fell asleep twice and immediately jerked awake) :( Got home and slept for 4 hours. Now I'm waiting for Richard to get in with dinner.

Too tired to write a proper report or catch up with lj, and I have MUCH work over the next 2 days, as I have to catch up with all the missed lessons this week. So here is a very quick update. Elaboration to follow tomorrow or Sunday.

Tuesday 3rd April - Happy Buddha, more shopping, sunshine & a touch of sunburn, the Empire State Building at midnight.

Wednesday 4th April - Nintendo World, getting lost, lots of rain, meeting redbird, Museum of Art & Design.