August 9th, 2007

The Sims

once an obsessive...

OK, I'm sorting through a box of papers from ~1999 here, and I've found some really bizarre things I need to share with you. There's a green book of squared paper containing hand-drawn maps for a MUD I used to play, and all the solutions to the quests in the game - most of them, typed & printed, but some hand-written into the book. That doesn't surprise me at all - as soon as I saw the book's cover, I knew what it was; and I was expecting to find it in some box or another. And it's hardly news that I was that obsessed with Nanvaent at the time. The amusing thing is the tick chart of which quests I'd done with which of my characters - with columns for "Done with astra", Danny, Abigail, Gregor, Netscape and... Lamppost?

When on earth did I have a MUD character called Lamppost?! I don't even remember that! *boggles*

There are also many sheets of paper with information about the career paths in The Sims & Livin' It Up (called Livin' Large elsewhere in the world). It has the times when they go to & return from work, the necessary skill points to advance careers, and how much they earn. Again, so far, not surprising - my old laptop & Sims 1 really didn't multi-task all that well, so referring to an FAQ on the computer itself was more annoying than simply printing it out. However, inamongst these pages, I've found a printout of an Excel graph which plots the salary in simoleons against the level of job (from 1 to 10) in the career for each of the 15 careers!

How obsessed was I?

There's a reason I don't touch any drugs apart from chocolate and those prescribed by my doctor. Video game obsession may be dangerous to sleep patterns, but only a handful of really crazy people have ever died from it.