August 21st, 2007


we are such geeks, part 57

Our Wii is now called Bagpuss. This is because after playing with it for several hours the other night and turning it off, Richard asked "Did you turn off the Wiimote too?". I said "I think when Bagpuss goes to sleep, all his friends go to sleep too."

I never ask Richard to cut carrots without specifiying the shape I want the carrots to be cut into. "Slices" is entirely too vague. So I ask for thin rectangular strips, or grated, or julienne. Carrots cut into circular slices are called roundels. Not after heraldry, but the London Underground logo.
pokemon girl


AARRGHH!! I'm such an idiot!

There's this 'event' going on in the UK at the moment where you can finally download the rare Pokemon Mew onto a Game Boy Advance cartridge. You have to visit a random Toys'R'Us somewhere in the country with... a Game Boy Advance (not DS) and the cartridge/s. (Personally, I have Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Red, Leaf Green and Emerald, so I hope I'll get 5 Mews.)

Because I am a moron and this information dropped out of my head, the times when it's near me (Reading, Croydon & Brent Cross) are this weekend from Friday-Sunday - when I will be in Brussels.

Because I'm not just a moron but also disorganised, I just found out that it was in Cardiff last Saturday - 20 minutes by train from where I was staying for BiCon! AAAAARRRRGHHH!!!

Now I have to find out where the hell the Toys'R'Us in Oxford is, and whether getting there on Thursday is practical, considering I have work in New Malden at 5pm.