September 6th, 2007


on tricycles and London

I am not the only person in my neighbourhood who rides a tricycle. There's an older guy with a walking impairment who rides a green George Longcross custom trike and parks it near Waitrose, though I haven't seen him for a while. There's a silver Pashley TR-1 that regularly parks in various places around Kingston. A few weeks ago, I saw a yellow Longcross trike parked outside Waitrose in New Malden. And there are various carts and tadpoles for the transportation of goods or small people. (Tadpoles are the kind of trike that have two wheels at the front and one at the back.)

I've wondered who owned the TR-1 for a while, because it's in good condition and seems fairly new. I almost bought one myself, except for the fact they only fold lengthways along the frame, meaning they're still too wide to be allowed on trains. Some months ago we went to Pizza Express and I parked immediately next to the silver trike, then watched it from the window. I got distracted by my starter arriving, and the TR-1 had gone by the time I looked out again. Anyway, on Tuesday I finally met the rider. She's a woman of similar size to me but a bit older. We geeked about tricycles for a few minutes and admired features of each other's machines. I'm pleased to have found out who it was.

I really need to get to some of the Tricycle Association events. Or even just the local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. Unfortunately, they meet on the second Tuesday of the month, which is also BU night. Apparently I can go & be bisexual or be a cyclist, but not both.

Oooh, I just found out about this: Hovis London Freewheel - big cycle ride through central London on roads that are being closed to traffic! It's 14km in total, but you can do as much or as little of the route as you want. It's on Sunday 23rd September, i.e. the day after Polyday, so it's perfect for all of you who aren't normally in London! Literally just decided that I'm going, does anyone want to go with me? :D