December 19th, 2007


Important Note For Everybody On Drugs.

No, not those sort of drugs. Prescription drugs!

As it's Christmas next week and we have two bank holidays, plus several days of reduced service, you should count up your meds and order anything you'll need now. Most doctors' surgeries take at least 24 hours to process repeat prescriptions, some take 48 hours, and there's no guarantee once you have the prescription that the pharmacy will have your meds in stock. (This applies particularly if you take something very common, which they might run out of, or something unusual, which they simply may not keep.)

I'm not sure how this applies to people outside the UK, but it's probably still worth counting up meds & checking you have enough, in case you're travelling away from home or anything like that.
black, shiny

I am not made of lard, damnit!

I have been trying to find waterproof trousers to wear over my normal clothes at this time of year when cycling.

I have mostly been unsuccessful, due to some belief by sports clothing manufacturers that only skinny people do sport. Many women's cycling clothes only exist in sizes up to a UK 14, with a handful coming in a 16, and virtually nothing in an 18. (I mean, seriously - what is up with a UK women's size 16 being classed as "extra large"? Size 16 is the modal size! Something like 40% of British women are that size.) Men's cycling clothes come in sizes up to XL or XXL, but would be completely the wrong shape for me (I am classic pear-shape - small waist, big hips, enormous arse) as well as being far, far, far too long.

This won't help everyone, but I found that Craghoppers do women's overtrousers in sizes up to 20, in both short and standard fittings. (Look at Womens Pakka Over Trousers - £30). I also found a cycling clothes supplier in the US called Aero Tech Designs, who have Big Man clothes up to 5XL and Plus Women clothes up to 4XL. Oddly, though, they don't do waterproof overtrousers at all. I should probably email them about it.

It just annoys me so much, because one of the great Myths about Fat is that fat people are fat because they don't exercise enough. Well, in that case, shouldn't clothing manufacturers make tons of big size sports clothing to encourage the fat people to exercise? How are you supposed to play sports if you don't have the right protective clothing? Grrr.