January 28th, 2008


clawfoot needs people to write postcard fiction.

Things that are made of win: excellent curry last night.

Things that are made of lose: the delicious curry disagreed with my digestive system and I've spent the past 20 hours Collapse )

I suspect stealth dairy. Bah.

So this post isn't entirely about my intestines, I shall mention that clawfoot is doing a project and needs people to write extremely short stories. That will be orders of magnitude more pleasant!

Vegan New York

This is a very abbreviated list of eateries limited by:
a) proximity to where we're staying
b) proximity to somewhere we'll be going during the day
c) menu.
My mum doesn't like meat, so vegan restaurants with 101 seitan steaks and no dishes for people who like eating vegetables don't really appeal. Also, she can't eat mushrooms and doesn't much care for peppers or courgettes (zucchini), which is what many of the vegetable dishes seem to consist of (because they're New World vegetables?). And, much as I like good healthy veggie dishes, I have a strong fondness for "I can't believe it's vegan!"-style 'junk' food.

Restaurants & Cafes I really want to go to:Collapse )

I hope to hear from redbird & rosefox (and anyone else who lives in NY that I missed) about meeting up.