March 5th, 2008

Warning: Sick!

I have bacteria! [1]

Went to the doctor today. Woke up at 9.45am because I couldn't breathe, and rang up for an appointment. Of course, all the "book on the day" appointments had gone - you have to ring at 8.30am for them. Never mind that when a person is ill, they often sleep later & heavier than usual, and it's somewhat crazy to have to set an alarm to get up on a day when you know you won't be working because you're sick! Took my inhalers, checked my peak flow - found it was crap (330 on the EU meter, when my usual is 430) & rang back for an "emergency" appointment, citing asthma & peak flow as a reason. Got given an appointment at 11.50am, finally saw the doctor at 12.40pm.

Apparently my lungs are gunked up, which implies a bacterial infection - I'd thought this was likely from various TMI symptoms, which is why I went to the doctor on the second day of being ill rather than leaving it a week. I have the standard delicious Amoxicillin antibiotic,and also some friendly bacteria capsules to take so I don't get a completely upset stomach (because antibiotics seem to be excellent at clearing out the bacteria that are supposed to be in the body, and lousy at fighting the invaders). Hopefully I will be feeling more human soon.

My brain is mostly working today, which is an improvement on yesterday.

[1] Yes, I do recognise that's a stupid title considering that even in a healthy person, the number of bacterial cells is usually around 10 x the number of human cells. I mean that I have extra bacteria to usual, and they're the wrong sort. :P
face only, scary

The D word.

After quite literally years of fear and procrastination, I have booked an appointment at the fang doctor's. Monday 17th March at 12.45pm, which was the earliest day available when I thought I was likely to be better. (While the d-person is relatively unfussed by germs as the mouth's full of them anyway, it's not worth me going if I'm coughing or sore throaty and can't open my mouth wide enough). Now I just have to get myself there at the appointed time and not freak out (too much).

I would like to be congratulated.

(Of course, I'm now sitting here crying from stress, but that's a step up from complete avoidance.)