March 22nd, 2008

test tube


So, the livejournal strike yesterday was rather annoying because I wanted to moan about my life and how I don't have enough time in it. How all I seem to do is work plus basic maintenance of life stuff (cooking food, eating it, doing laundry, taking out recycling - I don't understand it, the damn dishes and dirty clothes keep on respawning!) and I don't even have enough time for all the things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do. For example, the rather necessary job of getting this house to stop being a tip is rather difficult due to the aforementioned respawning which eats through all the spoons that I have for cleaning. And everything I want to do involves having a brain - making Sims videos, writing stories, learning Japanese, relearning chemistry - and I don't have a brain in the evenings after work. And even some of the things I need to do and don't really want to require a brain - getting the house in order requires that I have enough coherent thought to be able to sort our possessions into useful, not useful but wanted for sentimental reasons, and junk. So I wanted to come online and moan about all of that.

But instead, we were striking, so no livejournal posts or comments. So instead of turning on the computer, I picked up my folders, and spent 4 hours reading through organic chemistry lecture notes from 1994. For fun. While I recognise that this is a strange pastime, it made me very happy. I didn't think I had enough energy or concentration span to keep working for that long, but it was too interesting to stop.

I think there may be a valuable lesson in this.

Interesting article link dump.

In an attempt to tidy up my many open tabs prior to rebooting the laptop, have a link dump.

Interesting articles:
Polyamory is not about the sex, except when it is. Very long article which those of you into poly will find interesting. Followup comment by ratatosk, linked by... wispfox, I think.

Pleasure Town Is Invite Only! by sarahtales. Hilariously funny story about how a feminist-from-babyhood came across a traditional romance book at a young age and was Scarred For Life. Linked by, er, j00j, I think. (Yes, some of these links have been open for weeks).

How 'gay' became children's insult of choice, from the BBC News Magazine. I'm in two minds about whether the use of "gay" as a derogatory term is homophobic. I can see both sides of the argument. Though I tend to side with those who find it offensive, because there's nothing inherently crap or second-class about being gay and I don't like the meanings being linked in that way. But then what do we come back to? Cripple-bashing terms like "lame". Hrm.

World's best-known protest symbol turns 50, from the BBC News Magazine. About the CND logo and how it was coined. I like the idea that it's from the semaphore signs for N & D, meaning Nuclear Disarmament.

When Girls Will Be Boys, from the New York Times. An article about FTM transsexuals/transmen attending women's colleges. Linked in comments on Dykes to Watch Out For.

Video: BBC Micro creators reunite, from BBC News. Interview with Hermann Hauser from Acorn. Talks about how awesome and innovative the Beeb was, and how everything has ARM chips in these days.

See-saw to power African schools. Design student Daniel Sheridan has created a simple see-saw which generates enough electricity to light a classroom. Really great idea!