August 4th, 2008

face only, scary

platypi, mad maps, video

There are still too many tabs open in my web browser. Unfortunately most of them are pages from the same health-related site, and I still lack sufficient spoons to write about it, so they'll have to stay there. Ugh. blog post: Science that made me smile. About the platypus, and how its genome turns out to be as bizarre as the creature itself. Linked by mactavish, I think.

YouTube video: Protecting and Maintaining Your Heterosexual House of Cards. A short and hilarious "documentary" which explains, among other things, while apparently-straight young men Do Not Make Eye Contact with each other. Linked by rosefox.

Advance Directives/Mad Maps/Plans For Not Getting Too Crazy. Advance directives are "official"-type documents that you give to a doctor while sane and healthy to tell them how you'd like to be treated when insane and unhealthy. Mad maps are more informal documents agreed between you and your friends/support people. Quite an interesting idea, especially from the point of view of preventing yourself getting too bad by having your own checklist of symptoms relevant-to-you. There's some really good stuff on page 2 with a bunch of headings that can be used. Anyway, random linkage in case it's useful for anyone.