September 10th, 2008

Warning: Sick!

I have an INTERVIEW!

You lot are all crap because I posted I have an interview at Birkbeck College at 6pm on Thursday but no one has commented on that post. It's nice to know that you all think I'm so fantastic I don't need luck, but I'd still like some good thoughts. Especially as my feeling a bit eurgh has become a full-blown virus with sore throat and fever. I shall warn the interviewer that I need to sit at the other side of the room to spare him from my germs, and that my brain is fried so he might need to give me more time to think.

Also I got the transcript of my degree from Imperial this morning, and it is Lying. At least, it shows my awesome achievement of 29% (fail) for Organic I in 1994-5, but doesn't include the resit result in 1995-6. It includes my other resits, so I don't know why that one was left out. Still, it gives me scope to talk about why I thought I was crap at organic chemistry.