September 12th, 2008

science genius girl

apparently I am more awesome than I thought

That was the best university interview I've ever had. (Richard sounded shocked and said "How many university interviews have you had?". I thought for a moment and said "Nine. Or perhaps ten. This would be the eleventh." and he suddenly remembered that the reason he didn't have any was due to living in another country. I'm pretty surprised that he didn't even have phone interviews, but there you go.) I like interviews that start "You are eminently well-qualified for this course, of course you have a place, do you have any questions?".

However I don't feel eminently well-qualified for anything, not even for cycling down the road without crashing into things. I'm not even amazingly well-qualified at walking down the road without walking into things/people or falling over. I suppose I'm fairly well-qualified for sitting in front of the internet and not accidentally sending viruses to all my friends, but that doesn't take a lot of effort. Apparently I need more self-esteem. Or self-confidence. (Is that the same thing?)

Well, the reason I'm doing this course isn't so much to learn chemistry as to get more confidence that I know what I'm talking about, so hopefully it will be successful. And I'll figure out what I want to do a PhD on, and then I will apply for it. With plenty of time.

Now I have to deal with the Registry to find out how much the fees actually are (every document I've seen has had a different number on it, grrr) and talk to the Disabilities Office to sort out... whatever I need that I haven't already worked out that I need. And then I shall Get Educated.
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