September 15th, 2008


it's a baby!

Today Ludy & I went to see quatlet, who is now visible outside the uterus, much to the delight of thekumquat! He was born on 12th September and is currently very small. I can report that he has the normal number of arms, legs, heads etc. expected for humans, although as one of his parents is conflux, he may actually be part-elf. He has pointy ears, likes being sung to, and started crying when Ludy said he was going to grow up to be human. As far as newborn baby humans go, he is on the attractive side - not pink and blobby, has some hair, and does not look like Winston Churchill. Unfortunately he currently has a pointy head with a big scab on it from delivery, but it has already improved and should continue to do so. Hooray! ailbhe's advice on "things to bring a new mother stuck in the hospital" was spot on, thank you!

I don't think I have any right to Announce what quatlet's official name is, but I can probably tell you that one name combination was rejected because it would have made his initials FAF, and we bi poly types do quite enough faffing already, thankyouverymuch.

xanna and Jacob were also there for most of the time we were, and asrana turned up as we were leaving. Apparently she has been a star at kicking hospital administrative butt. The hospital itself was far too pink, and had at least one utterly disgusting visitor toilet. I took a photo of it to, um, send to the local newspaper or something. (I did want to check on its status later, but it was occupied and we were in a hurry due to spoon shortage.) The visitor toilets downstairs were very shiny and clean though.

Also, I swear that when I was waiting outside the room because of possible remaining lurgy plus $too_many_visitors, a random new father was chatting me up. Um... hello, I know we do non-monogamy, but I hadn't told him that, and his poor wife had only just given birth! Let her have the right to consent first, please!