October 15th, 2008

pokemon scientist

Strange Wikipedia Hobby

Have been having severe mood rollercoastering of late. Am way too stressed for the dose of mood stabiliser I'm on, but can't increase the dose until we're certain that I'm not having a reaction to it, which won't happen until we have the results of the blood test that I haven't had yet. Argh. Blood test is tomorrow morning at 9.50 am, meaning I have until 1.50 am to eat anything else I need for tonight.

Have discovered a bizarre and somewhat morbid way to cheer myself up, though. Every time I feel like I'm a walking disaster area with too many medical problems, I cheer myself up by reading about problems I don't have. For example, there is the whole of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Rare_diseases for me to go through. Admittedly, this could lead to a person becoming a hypochondriac, but many of the rare diseases are genetic, so if you don't have them already, you're not going to get them. It's extra exciting because I'm squeamish and don't like horrible medical pictures, so every time I click on a disease named after multiple people, there is the tantalising second or two wait to see whether there'll be something disgusting on the page that I need to scroll past rapidly. As I said, bizarre... but it seems to work.