October 26th, 2008


Videos of the last $time_interval

Linked by aegidian: Surreal song by Lemon Demon: 123456 Pokemon. Video by Neil Cicierega, who I believe is Lemon Demon, so I'm not sure why the song and video are credited separately, but... He still has too much talent, damn him.

Linked by several people: Take On Me: Literal Video Version. If you have seen people on Teh Intarnets saying PIPE WRENCH FIGHT!, it's because of this video. Should be hilarious for all 80s kids (and anyone older who had a secret crush on Morten Harket anyway).

Linked by wild_irises and firecat: McCain Can't Type, but YES WE CAN! People using assistive technology devices (including the very lovely stonebender) point out that "war injuries" are hardly an excuse for not using a computer. Also available with subtitles. Of course, it's pro-Obama.

More US politics, linked by xiphias: Obama as Batman. Not sure who's responsible for the painting, but the video rather makes it.

Linked by clawfoot, and possibly the best of the lot: Vinni Puh Goes Visiting. The Soviet Russian version of Winnie the Pooh cartoons from 1971. I like it so much better than the Disney version. Vinni Puh has CLAWS, like a real bear! And is brown, like a real bear! (Are there any species of bear that are blond?). I'm actually going to check out the rest of the posted Vinni Puh episodes, because it's awesome.

I got distracted and I've forgotten if I was going to post anything else. My computer is having 1:00 again, which means it's probably time for bed.