January 22nd, 2009

test tube

DSA - result. (Possibly, result!)

I got a letter on Monday saying that Kingston Council had approved everything in my Disabled Students' Allowance Statement of Needs, and I could go ahead and start buying the stuff. This is something of a result after previous incidents in what seems to have become a saga.

So I went in the Disability Office today and Steve placed the order for the stuff. I'm getting a chair (cost = £800!) and a height-adjustable desk, and a "bookchair" for holding textbooks while I type, and a kind of tape recorder thing - only this being the 21st century, it uses solid state memory and outputs audio files directly to the computer. They are funding my mental health mentor and a library support worker, both for 20 hours. W00t. And there's £250 for books and photocopying and stuff like that, which I am planning to use all of because it's been allocated. I need, at the very least, a better organic textbook, because the only ones I have are either very basic or too advanced.

I would love to hope that this is going to be The Start Of A New Era with respect to me and studying, but the main thing that's holding me back at the moment is my brain: I'm still so depressed and stupid and slow. I have to try to get one of the four(!) appointments available tomorrow with my doctor to discuss depression and what I should do with drugs. Bah.