February 2nd, 2009

perky, wolfy

Snow Wuzzie and Snow Wolfy!

Today, London had snow. About 8 inches of snow. As a result, all the buses and trains were cancelled and most people got a day off work/school/college. This may be hilarious to those of you for whom 8 inches of snow is a daily occurrence at this time of year, but we're just not geared up for it. Snow doesn't happen here often enough for people to have chains for their tyres or anything useful like that. Most people don't even have snow boots!

Anyway - I went out and built a snow wuzzie and wolfy in our front garden. They're not very wonderful because I haven't played with snow for about 20 years, but they do at least look like a wuzzie and wolfy! You can click on the photo for a bigger version.

Snow Wolfy Snow Wuzzie and Wolfy
Snow Wolfy
Made by me, 2009-02-02.
Snow Wuzzie and Wolfy
Made by me, 2009-02-02.