February 12th, 2009

richard again

"Marriage is an oppressive institution construed by a patriarchal society..."

I am very amused by this cartoon in PhD Comics. (For the backstory, see Drama! and the two comics after it.) Mostly I'm amused because Tajel and Patrick's ideas about marriage rather mirror Richard's & mine. And I suspect that any wedding of ours will have to be "as socially responsible as possible" - while it's Richard (not me) who thinks that we should have all the catering vegan.

Still looking for a venue. Or rather, I found a venue months ago, but we can't figure out how to make the logistics work. One of these days...
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In which I talk about poo.

Anxiety makes my tummy get upset. This is an entirely normal effect of adrenaline, and is an artifact of prehistoric times, when dangers that we faced were things that needed to be physically run away from. If you had to get away from a sabre tooth tiger intent on eating you, it would be easier for you to do so if you'd evacuated the contents of your bowels first - as you'd be lighter so need less effort to run. (Really! I learnt this in a stress management course.)

The problem with this is that it causes a vicious cycle. Quite a few of my antidepressant/antianxiety meds require passing through my digestive system in the normal amount of time to work properly. If my digestive system is all upset and wrong, and stuff is going through way too fast, then of course I'm not going to absorb the correct dosage of the drug. And then I'm not going to have enough of the med I need to control the anxiety in my system, and will feel even more anxious. Rinse. Repeat.