February 27th, 2009


life in ruins with vomiting

Gods, I am having a bad day.

Have had bad asthma with excessive snot and coughing for a week now. Realised yesterday that I still didn't seem to be any better: peak flow still appalling, coughing attacks whenever I tried to lie down, and a fever all day despite taking paracetamol every 4 hours. (I don't know whether it was a case of the paracetamol failing as an antipyretic, or if I would have had a terrifyingly high temperature without it.)

So I dragged myself to the doctor today, to be told that my chest sounded relatively clear. So why is my peak flow so awful? "It could be a virus". And what is all this... ick I'm coughing up if it's not coming from my lungs? "It could be post-nasal drip?" AGAIN? The bane of my life! I mentioned that I'd been having sinus pain and headaches for weeks but hadn't thought it serious enough to go to the doctor with, and he decided it might be worth giving me a more powerful antibiotic that could clear out any sinus infection, in case that's what's going on. (Personally, I worry a bit about this cavalier approach to antibiotic prescribing - I'd rather they actually checked my snot for unwelcome bacteria first. But I was feeling too rotten to protest.) He prescribed me doxycycline and prednisolone.

Went to the pharmacy, got the prescriptions, read the little leaflets - and found out that both drugs interact with carbamazepine. The pharmacy computer wasn't terribly clear as to what the interactions were, but it thought that doxycycline was a "minor" interaction and prednisolone was a "serious" interaction. So the pharmacist had to ring the doctor and blah blah blah, and I came home to look it all up on RXlist. Having convinced myself that yes, it really was only a minor interaction, I took the doxycycline. At that point the pharmacist rang back and said he'd talked about prednisolone with the doctor and the doses should be okay. Fine. In an attempt to get all my going out of the house over and done with, I walked back up to the pharmacy to get the prednisolone.

I started feeling sick on the way home. Collapse )