April 1st, 2009


Not! Enough! Time! Damnit!

I wish this was an April Fools' Day joke, but no... my first exam is in 7 weeks. Really glad I'm going to see my counsellor at college tomorrow because I am unbelievably stressed out. I'm sitting here trying to revise with chaos theory butterflies flapping away in my stomach, making me feel like I'm going to throw up. And this is only going to get worse as the exams get closer, and I'm already on pretty high-powered anti-anxiety meds. Argh.

I'm experimenting with study cards - the type where you write a phrase on one side and the definition on the back. Don't know how well they're going to work for me, but at least they're portable - hole punched through them and a metal ring keeps them together. Some of the things I need to revise don't seem to fit them too well, though - it feels kinda weird to write "Transition state" on one side and "Cyclic and highly ordered" on the reverse (that being the nature of the transition state in a pericyclic reaction). Am presuming that if I'm having fun writing on the cards, that has to be worth something... but I don't know. Worry. Angst.

Back in Ye Olde Days (GCSE, A-level) I learned by copying out all my notes. It's a bad way for people-in-general to try revising, as it only works for ~10% of people, but I'm one of the ones it works for. The problem is, I lack enough time to re-write EVERYTHING. Even considering that I'm triaging the situation by only attempting to learn the material that I understand, there is too much of it. I realised incredibly belatedly (i.e. this week) that I only need to write down the things I don't already know...The mistake I made when I was at university before is that I've tried to make a complete set of notes full stop, rather than only copying out what I don't know. Hrm.

I feel sick.