April 13th, 2009

science genius girl

Head full of snails!

My mother is nuts. She sent me a text message telling me to check the plant pots for "hungry creatures". And it was 20:14, and dark outside, so I had to take a torch to do so.

Context: my mum does not have a garden of her own and lives 10 minutes away. We do have a garden but aren't desperately interested in gardening. So she grows stuff in our garden for us. It is a compromise which would suit everyone except that she insists on growing plants which snails like to eat. Having been a gardener for decades, my mum thinks that snails are ravenous monsters who must be squashed like bugs. Richard and I are woolly hippies who object to killing things, and rather like snails.

Currently, we are checking the plant pots in the front garden (neat, pretty flowers). If a snail is found, we carry it through the house to the wild back garden, which contains a buddleia triffid (snails can eat what they want). However, there is a certain amount of hassle involved in this and I would like to prevent the snails from getting to the plants in the first place. Prevention is better than cure.

My plan is to shield the plants that we care about with copper and then have some sacrificial plants for the snails to eat. Apparently snails can't/won't cross copper, so I wanted to find out why. Collapse )

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