April 18th, 2009

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I am a rock star!

Woohoo, I just finished Rock Band on Expert Vocal :) That goes with finishing it on Medium Drums (the hardest I'll be able to manage - I'm really not built to play the drums) and Hard Guitar. There isn't a Bass solo tour in the first Rock Band so I can't do that, although I *can* play any song in the game on Expert Bass.

I also have the four Flawless achievements: 100% on a song in Expert on each instrument, with the added complication for Bass that it has to be played using entirely up-strokes. OK, so I "cheated" for Expert Drums and chose a song that only has 4 drum notes, but in my opinion that's keeping within the spirit of the rules. No one ever said you had to choose a difficult song, just that you had to play it in Expert mode :P

Also, the band which consists of me (bass) & Richard (drums) & sometimes Tim (guitar) have finished more than half the venues in Rock Band, and we seem to be motoring on at a fair old rate. Which means that sometime soon I'll be able to export the Rock Band songs over to Rock Band 2. Not that there's anything stopping me from doing that now, but some of them are really tedious and you don't get to choose which ones to export: it's the whole lot or nothing. And the last thing I want to do is be playing Rock Band 2 and get some hideous song from Rock Band before I've fully finished playing Rock Band...

Next to be accomplished: dinner, and finishing my Bioinorganic coursework.