May 6th, 2009

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delicious drug metabolism

Have now seen doctor. I was Sensible and Assertive and told the gatekeeper receptionist that it really was very urgent that I saw my doctor, because I was severely anxious and had been hanging on since last week and I wasn't sure how much longer I could go on coping by myself. As usual he was running extremely late but I sat in the waiting room with no brain and read the issue of OK that was all about the death of Jade Goody. Apparently Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are having another baby. And it is scary when Jordan poses in her underwear with her children in the same shot.

Anyway, he decided that a lot of my problems would be fixed if only I could get enough sleep, so prescribed a short course of zopiclone, warning me that it was highly addictive etc etc. When I got home and looked it up I wasn't terribly convinced that it would work, being a "Z drug" - I still remember the time in my second year at university when I was so unable to sleep that I was randomly passing out all over the place, including in lectures and one time in lab (!!), and went to the useless doctor [1] there for some help. She prescribed zolpidem (Ambien), which did nothing - I was routinely still awake 5 hours after taking it, and I eventually looked up the maximum safe dose on the internet and took that, without success. 

Well, I took the zopiclone last night and to my extreme surprise it worked. I feel a bit fuzzy in the head and still a bit sleepy, but rested and a lot less anxious. No dreams about aeroplanes crashing, to take the example of the night before. Hopefully it will continue to work until the end of my exams, and after that I'll be in enough of a sleep pattern that I'll be able to keep going.

Also, I sent the following email to P, who teaches the biological chemistry course which features natural products and drugs: Collapse ) Seriously, I feel all clever now!

Why do I not have a userpic with me raising one eyebrow? I'll have to fix that sometime.

[1] a.k.a. the doctor who told me "If Prozac doesn't help then you're not chemically depressed".