June 27th, 2009

cn tower

Uni application is done.

For anyone who was wondering/worrying, my application form is DONE and was dropped off at the Registry yesterday.

Currently enjoying a few days of not having to do anything important before I start all the jobs for the summer. Like sorting and posting all the photos from my camera over the past couple of years, a massive reduction in the entropy of our house... Probably trying to find some work-for-money (though there is little tutoring available over the summer holiday) so I'm not completely broke come September.

Richard is going away early on Thursday morning and won't be back until very late on Sunday, so I will need company to stop me going completely insane. Especially as I may be in the middle of a week-long migraine and so have no patience or desire to do anything. If you can cope with me when I'm a grumpy bitch then please sign up now ;)

The thermometer outside our house is claiming it's 31.7 degrees C. I think it's probably overestimating due to direct sunlight on the probe, but even taking that into account... it's hot and humid! For those of you who are interested in such things, I am typing this while naked. Need to go shopping, but can't face putting clothes on yet.