July 21st, 2009


Super Sekrit Sewing

Am grumpy and a bit stressed. There is a story here, and I am not telling it all just yet. It's another one of those Super Sekrit Projects to amuse members of Freezepop which I do whenever I have the luxury of seeing them in person. It's been over three years, and I've been missing them a lot; hence I've had a lot of time to come up with ideas.

My school needlework teacher would be having A FIT if she could see what I've been up to. I have been sewing for pleasure. Or if not entirely for pleasure (some parts of this project have been fun, others have been less so), with the aim of making something specific as a gift for someone else. Considering that I only learned how to sew a couple of years ago and haven't exactly been practising, this has been... challenging. But I've been adamant with the resolution that I am making this out of love, not talent - so it doesn't matter if it's not absolutely perfect. So far I have been remarkably adept at bodging my way through problems.

Anyway, about an hour ago I got to the point where I realised that my ambition had far outstripped my ability. "Only one hour ago?!" say the handful of people who are in on the Sekrit. Well, yeah. I don't have a huge ego ("I'm so clever I can learn to sew and make something awesome from scratch in a week!"), but that "Love, not talent" motto can get you pretty far. It's amazing what a total klutz can create given enough time to think about it and partners who can do the bits she can't (Ludy for the leet sewing skillz, Richard for topography).

But I just can't figure out how to get the feet on despite Ludy's best instructions. I have to get the feet on and the stuffing in, and whichever order I try is the wrong one. I think I should have actually put the feet on before I put the legs on, but it's way too late for that now. And I need to do quite a bit of shopping tomorrow, and pack my bag, and... I know I can take it with me unfinished (in cabin baggage if not hand baggage - I can't figure out whether a sewing needle counts as something not allowed for the purposes of flight - can you possibly hijack an aeroplane using only one small sewing needle?), but I'd prefer to have it done before I go. And I'd also like to sleep both tonight and tomorrow night, especially considering we have to be at the airport at stupid o'clock on Wednesday. Argh. 
science genius girl

throw your undies on the stage

And is it worrying that hoopycat and I have been specifically Planning what underwear we're throwing on the stage? He said "Coincidentally, I bought veryfineredwine some fresh undies this week, and they were in a buy 6 get 2 free dealy thing. And there are always some crap ones in the pack..."

We are somewhat afraid that if I throw the vile, ugly, uncomfortable bra that I bought during an Underwear Emergency, there is a possibility of it hitting a Freezepop member and causing injury - because it's freaking enormous. My advice to any aforementioned band members is "If you see a massive lacy bra coming towards you, CLOSE YOUR EYES because the underwires on that thing are vicious!".

Mind you, I am fairly sure that by the end of the night, it is going to end up on Sean's head. Just because he is that sort of person.