August 3rd, 2009


My Super Sekrit Summer Sewing Project!

History, or Why I Decided To Clone My Dino by helen-louise aged 33
Anyone who has met me in person in recent years is probably aware that I am an adult who likes plushie toys and doesn't care who knows it. At home, there is a big shelf above our bed that holds most of our small cuddly friends. And when I go out anywhere significant, one or more plushie rides in my bag with me.

So, the last time Freezepop played in London was 29th April 2006. That was a long time ago - so long, we didn't even have the smoking ban yet. On that occasion, kasson the person met kasson the dino, and was totally outcuted by him. After Richard took that photo, kasson was still holding dino, and overwhelmed by dino-love said "He is going home with you, right?". He looked disappointed when I said "I'm afraid so" until I explained that dino's been all over the world with me and he looks after me when I'm sick. Then he said "Could you maybe find a twin of him for me?". I said "I'll try to find you one and post it to you...".

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Pictures of the Dino-Cloning Process with Happy Result Collapse )

My creation comes ali-i-i-ive.

Just posted at great length about my Shiny dino experiment. Do read it if you're interested in things that are important to me (but aren't also important to the world-in-general). And yes, you're not missing anything - that really was my first post in over a week.

Still absolutely exhausted. Have spent most of the past week sleeping. Apparently 4 hours of dancing + a minute running outside to catch kasson as he was driving away = 6 nights of 12-15 hours sleep + back and hip pain + physical weakness (currently wearing a wrist support on my left hand WHICH I HATE) + general "glandiness". A good tradeoff? Yes! This is my life, and they're my damn spoons to spend. I only wish that it didn't cost me so many spoons to do things that other people my age would take for granted.

The only exciting thing that has happened this week is that I went to Brighton on Saturday to give Ludy her birthday presents (including this print). Missed all of Brighton Pride because I was too damned tired to get there during the day, and knew that my ability to walk was sorely limited. Did however meet L & her other partners oilrig and softfruit and have nice food with them, including cake. Had a strange experience at Brighton station featuring a rather drunk young girlie who insisted that I had been sitting next to her on the train down from Bognor that morning. Couldn't shake her off even after I showed her my ticket, which said clearly NORBITON not BOGNOR REGIS. Can't decide whether she was trying to scam me, fancied me, or was simply the worst pickpocket in the world. Eventually explained that I was going to meet my girlfriend who would not be impressed at my having another person along (did not mention my girlfriend's other girlfriend or boyfriend - occasionally, the default monocentric view of the world is useful!) and made a loud phone call in which I said I was going to The George. I then let drunk girlie wander off to talk to some other strangers, before diving into an alleyway in North Laine when she wasn't looking. Last time I saw her, she was asking for directions to The George (easy to identify when out of earshot, as it involved pointing further down the same street she was already in). Hopefully, she found someone with more spoons than me there to buy her some black coffee and put her on a train back home. Me, I managed less than two hours of socialising with people I already knew before going home with a headache from hell. 

I'm not going to BiCon. I officially can't afford it. Yes, there is a Helping Hand fund, but it is intended for people who can't afford to go to BiCon because they don't have money at all, not because they had money and spent it all on going to another continent to see their favourite band. Also I just paid my tax which was due on July 31st. Collapse ). Blah.