October 16th, 2009


The Daily Mail still hates us.

I am having a lousy day today with depression. I haven't technically got out of bed yet, although I have cleaned my teeth and got dressed. However, even if I don't get round to doing any house-tidying today, I've managed to do something "useful" - which is to join the apparently 1000 other people complaining about this hateful and homophobic article in the Daily Mail about a recently-dead celebrity who hasn't even been buried yet. The original title for the article was even worse.

I think Stephen Fry's comment on Twitter sums it up best - "I gather a repulsive nobody writing in a paper no one of any decency would be seen dead with has written something loathsome and inhumane." But Charlie Brooker's article on The Guardian's website is also pretty good.

I usually live with the fact that the Daily Mail has regular rabid attacks against anyone who is "different" in any way, i.e. not white, middle-class, heterosexually monogamously married Church of England. But the timing and vitriol of this one is so awful that I thought I'd drag myself to the Press Complaints Commission website and join in the complaints. I'm rather pleased to see that the Make a Complaint page has a big link saying IF YOU ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE JAN MOIR PIECE IN THE DAILY MAIL PLEASE CLICK HERE.

For my reference, this is what I said: Collapse )
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