December 8th, 2009


Christmas cards - the 2009 version.

I'm rather annoyed because the vegetarian roast I wanted for Christmas Day has been discontinued. If I'd known they were going to discontinue it, I'd have stocked up... but I've actually been trying to stock up on it for months now. Just couldn't find it in any real-life wholefood shops, and I'm rather leery of online ones. (Principally because a lot of them don't have their online ordering system linked to their stock information, so you can order something and then find it'll be out of stock for the next 2 months). So I'm going to have to find something else to eat, and the other seitan roast I know of is 20% fat for no apparent reason. I might have to... make one. (Possibly more effort than I can be bothered with considering we're already going to be cooking a lump of meat and as many different types of vegetable as possible).

The rest of this post is almost exactly a copy-and-paste of my post from last year. Yay, livejournal tags!

Poll #1496033 The 2009 Christmas card Poll-thing

Do you want a Christmas* card from me this year?

Yes please - I like paper cards.
Yes please - I prefer e-cards.
No thank you.

The following partners, children, housemates and pets should be acknowledged on the card:

My address is:

The same as last year and I'm sure you have it.
The same as last year but I'll give it again in a screened comment.
Different from last year and I'll give it to you in a screened comment.

*Most of this year's cards say "A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year". But they are super-awesome and have a beautiful wolf on them. One that I have actually met in real life :)

I like getting cards at least as much as I enjoy sending them. But I don't care about reciprocity - if you can't afford to or don't have the spoons to send a card, then I'm happy to send you one without you needing to feel guilty about not sending me one.