January 11th, 2010

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Science geeks in London?

Do I know anyone who's a member of the Royal Institution? I'm quite interested in this talk: Quest for the holy grail of bipolar disorder: a better lithium, but it's members and their guests only. The grade of membership that gives free admittance to the Friday evening talks is £95 p.a., and the type where you have to pay £10 to attend the talks is £30 p.a. They don't apparently do a student membership, only reductions for 14-25 year olds. I am mildly grumpy about this.

There is also The great ideas of biology which sounds interesting.

Mystery bear!

I am really very confused. Someone, as yet unknown, has sent Richard & I presents (?) from Mamas and Papas. There is no invoice, delivery note or gift receipt to say who it is from. And the company/products are clearly aimed at babies and people having babies. We are not reproducing anytime soon!

There is a Crumble Bear Soft Toy and a Zeddy and Parsnip Pyjama Case. At a combined cost of £32.40 it seems rather expensive for a prank. Also I can't think who, other than someone with a baby, would buy us soft toys from a baby shop, rather than Beanie Babies or something like that.

If you know anything about this, please tell me/us because we have no idea what's going on! Thank you.
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Scientific tattoos

Today I have been looking at Geeky Tattoos. Then rowan_leigh pointed me at Science Tattoo Emporium. Some of the tattoos are supremely awesome and come with a deep personal story, others are just.. boggling.

The one that I am most utterly bemused by though is the woman who has Freezepop's Science Genius Girl logo tattooed on her leg and doesn't even know that's what it is. She thinks it's "the international symbol for woman chemist". Well, maybe it should be the international symbol for female chemists, but it isn't yet - it's a logo designed for a record cover! Of course, it is an awesome design - but if I were ever to get it tattooed on myself it would be partly because I'm a female chemist and partly to commemorate my deep love of Freezepop.