February 11th, 2010


Update on college stuff.

I have an ID card!

The story is somewhat pathetic. Following the exchange in which someone in Registry said they'd issue me a card as soon as I'd paid my fees, and I said "Um, I have paid my fees", I was told on Thurs 4th Feb that they were going to print a card and send it to me. I'd heard nothing about this since. Today my friend Christine told me about a lecture tomorrow at King's, which we should try to go to. I figured that going to another university without ID was asking for trouble and went to the My Birkbeck helpdesk to see whether a) the card had been printed and posted or whether b) it was sitting there waiting for me to pick it up. It turned out that the answer was c) none of the above - but the person I saw was able to simply print me off a card there and then! Grrr - if only I'd tried that last week! (I didn't know they had the equipment to print ID cards at the helpdesk. I thought the machine was secreted somewhere within the Registry).

So I can now legitimately go to UCL for meetings there, and have physical access to Birkbeck library. Hooray.

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Honestly! My disability stuff causes lack of energy and lack of motivation - so why do I have to spend so much of my time and energy on these basic arrangements? Someone without disabilities would simply have needed to do items 1-7 and 20 (and maybe 15) on the list (and only 1, 5-7 and 20 if lucky). And it's not even as though that's the end...

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