May 6th, 2010



Finally election day. The past month seems to have taken forever. By the way, is the UK unique in referring to our most senior politicians by their first names? In formal news reports it's all "Mr" Brown/Cameron/Clegg, but in headlines, less formal news reports and blogs, it's Gordon/Dave/Nick all the way.

I have already outed myself as a Liberal Democrat and in case anyone reading this is uncertain which way to vote, you could do worse than reading djm4's Why I'm a Liberal Democrat posts over at Dreamwidth.

If you're planning to vote Labour, you might want to read sashajwolf's post Ten reasons why, if you’re considering voting Labour, you should think again.

I don't think I know anyone who is planning to vote Conservative, but in case I do: watch hiddenpaw's video about "Big Society", and then read this article in yesterday's Independent. Apparently since the Conservatives took over Hammersmith & Fulham council, they've gone round slashing services for those in most need. It's frightening.

There's also The fourth debate: You ask the questions to the leaders of the three main parties. We all know, by now, that Gordon Brown has lost the plot, but I'm quite alarmed by how badly. Collapse )

I'm pretty anxious for the future of this country. The percentages in opinion polls vary so wildly depending on the newspaper you're reading them in that it's impossible to be certain of anything. If you believe The Sun, then Dave is already measuring up for the new blue curtains in Downing Street - but other papers/polls are predicting much more of a hung Parliament. I'm generally in favour of a coalition - I think it'll be a good thing for the country because the buggers will have to work together in order to get anything done. As one of the papers pointed out (can't remember if it was The Times, The Independent or the Evening Standard), a hung Parliament doesn't have to mean that the economy gets screwed. Germany has had a coalition government for years, yet has one of the most stable economies in the world.

Also, the higher the LibDem vote, the higher the probability of a referendum next year on constitutional reform. Which can only be a good thing.

Who else is planning on staying up all night to watch the election coverage? Can we get together on irc or something? I'll be on on as astra as usual, but can get myself anywhere else.

This is interesting.

Today I've spent over 5 hours outside polling stations and knocking on people's doors to get them out to vote. I've cycled about 10 miles. Physically, I feel fantastic.

It's true that adrenaline has played a part in this, but it's clear that two things are very important for my mood: sunlight, and exercise. MOAR CYCLING PLEASE.