June 8th, 2010

baratron again

My MacBook Pro came today.

I'm having a great degree of neophobia because it's all new and strange, so I've been downloading Mac versions of all of my existing software. OpenOffice for Mac turns out to be absolutely identical to OpenOffice for Windows and for the eeePC (whatever linux that is), so I'm delighted with that. Firefox too seems identical. Less happy with Opera, which doesn't quite behave the same way - that could be an Opera 9 versus Opera 10 issue, though.

I can now GET WORK DONE from home!! I actually logged in to the server at college and dumped X windows back onto the display here, and rotated molecules about on the screen. Oooh. Actually doing work would be easier if I had a mouse, however. The mouse that's supposed to be provided was out of stock so I've got to wait for it to turn up.

Also, there is a video making program called Photo Booth which could well be the biggest time sink EVER...

The subtitles on that video get out of sync with the speech in the middle but then sort themselves out again by the end. Very odd! I did them using YouTube's automatic English subtitler, and I guess I should have inserted a few more line breaks when I was going 'Er' and moving around. Not bad for automatic though, is it?

Wish it was possible to customise the GUI of a Mac like you can other unix-based OSes. I'll get used to it, of course - it'll just take more than a couple of hours to get comfortable.