August 4th, 2010



I am reading the electronic ARC of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold. It's the new Vorkosigan book, and not officially out until November.

I don't quite understand what an ARC is - the modern version of the old galley proofs that authors used to receive, made available electronically by the publisher because fans want to read books as early as possible and can live with typos - but it is official and the author will be getting royalties, which is all I care about. 5 chapters are available for free and the rest of the book costs US $15.

Anyway, I know most people are far more bothered about spoilers than I am, so all I'm going to say is that the middle of Chapter 11 has me crying my eyes out. Damn, but I wasn't expecting that!

May post a few random snippets - single sentences that are totally unspoilery. So far, my favourite of those has to be Jin wondered who Gregor was. Miles-san’s insurance boss? Which will make no sense whatsoever until you read the book, so I feel thoroughly justified in posting it! I'm also quite amused by Ptah-hotep is a louse!

I need to go to bed. I was resisting buying this electronic version of the book until I'd got some more work done, but who am I kidding? New Vorkosigan book (ok, with typos, formatting issues and a few corrections needed), and I am like putty. Sod sorting out my sleep pattern, that'll have to wait another day.
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Cryoburn, again.

Re. my last entry - I can see a happy ending looming for several of the characters in Chapter 15, and there's still another 6 to go. Yay!

Edit: OH MY GODS! The last line of Chapter 20!!!


I can't possibly say what it is because it is the biggest spoiler ever in the history of spoilers, but damn.
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