September 28th, 2010

perky, wolfy

Chronotherapy for the Nth time

Last time I did chronotherapy to sort out my sleeping patterns, I managed to sabotage it by forgetting to rearrange my medication times too. As a result, I got my sleep-wake cycle to a sensible point (waking up at 8 am), but then collapsed in a heap with severe depression, slept for 20 hours, and ended up screwed up again.

I'm planning to not do that this time.

So here are my utterly fascinating plans for the week:
Wake up Monday 20:00, go to sleep Tuesday 11:00
Wake up Tuesday 23:00, go to sleep Wednesday 14:00
Wake up Thursday 02:00, go to sleep Thursday 17:00
Wake up Friday 05:00, go to sleep Friday 20:00
Wake up Saturday 08:00, go to sleep Saturday 23:00 AND STAY ON THIS PATTERN.

I have no idea whether this will work, especially given that I felt so rotten, wobbly, tired and ill that I went to bed at 04:00 before perking up again, but We Shall See. I can predict that I will be feeling bitterly lonely on Wednesday morning, so if anyone feels like a phone call/irc chat, that might be a good time...