January 9th, 2011

Sims 2

too tired for fun

My spoon levels are so, so low at the moment. My life consists of working for money, playing Sims 3, listening to the new Freezepop album, and sleeping. If I didn't work from home, I wouldn't actually be able to work at all, because I only have enough energy to leave the house once or twice a week. I lose two or three complete days a week to sleep as it is. Stupid body. Stupid chronic fatigue.

I remember fondly the life I used to have where I did college work and work for money at the same time, and still had enough spare energy to see people and go out for dinner a couple of times a week. Where did that go? I'd be concerned if I didn't have such clear symptoms of my particular chronic fatigue illness and a lack of symptoms of anything else - and if I was too tired to think, which mostly isn't the case. Various stuff helps - vitamin pills, more protein in my diet, the physiotherapy which I'm supposed to do all the time and mostly don't.

Though it occurs to me - isn't this Tuesday a second Tuesday of the month? Shouldn't it be Bisexual Underground? I have nothing else planned for Tuesday, so maybe I can sleep all day and go into London in the evening. That'd be nice.
science genius girl

"Massive nerd tour"

Do any of my friends want to go to the massive nerd tour featuring Robin Ince, Dr Ben Goldacre of Bad Science, the very pretty Prof Brian Cox, and ex-Imperialite Simon Singh? I'd want to go to the London date.

And yes, I know this clashes rather with my last post where I'm complaining about a total lack of spare energy to do anything social, but I'm rather hoping my chronic fatigue will have f'ed off again by May.