February 23rd, 2011

aibo, sleepy, cute

So I slept all the way through Tuesday.

Current state of health = ridiculous. Went to bed about 10am on Tuesday. Got woken up by a text message at 11ish when I had literally just dropped off to sleep, replied to it, fell asleep again, got woken up by the sequel at 11.30ish. Slept until 2.45pm when I had a phone call from College to deal with. That finished about 3.10pm, phoned Richard to say hello, went more-or-less straight back to sleep. He got in about 10pm and came in to say he was back. I woke up enough for that, but then somehow carried on sleeping until he came in with food at 1.45am.

Ate the food, stayed awake to listen to the BBC World Service radio and look at the earthquake map on Richard's computer, and was back lying down in bed by the 3.30am news. Fell asleep pretty soon after and woke up at 9.15am. And feel properly awake now.

At least I am now awake at 9.33am, which is a reasonable hour for someone in my timezone to be awake. But that's a pretty stupid amount of sleep to apparently need.

Oh yes, since I forgot to record it here - all of my blood test results were utterly normal. My TSH, which has been elevated before, was 2.88 - that's within the normal range even by the stricter American standards! WTF is going on with my body? Might just be bog-standard ME/CFS. Joys.