March 13th, 2011

opinion, eye

nothing much to say

I haven't posted anything in ages, mostly because I'm tired and have no motivation. I am feeling pretty blah right now, but it's boredom and the kind of situational depression that is "sick of being sick" rather than "proper" depression. My life at the moment consists of sleeping a lot, then lying in bed playing video games - it really isn't very exciting, and I rather want my ability to DO THINGS back. I am playing The Sims 3 and Pokemon White. So badly need to get out to a library. Any library. Reading web forums and fanfic and even eBooks (though I hate the format), but I want more books that I haven't read.

Mind you, there seems to be something of an epidemic of chronic fatigue among my friends at the moment - no idea why, except that lots of people are ill - and I seem to be the least ill of the lot of them. One person I know can't even walk to the bathroom or lift her head up most days, so I'm grateful that it's not *that* bad. My mental tiredness is improving slowly, so I'm hoping to get back to College work soon.

I'm getting out at the weekend, at least. Most days I can walk a bit, so we can go out for dinner locally, or if Richard's here he can dump me in the wheelchair and push me. I'm grateful that he doesn't see this as a chore. We see meeping and gerwinium most Sundays. Last Wednesday we went out with hatter, and yesterday was alexmc's birthday party, which was a lot of fun. It was in Leytonstone, which is almost as far away from Kingston as it's possible to get while still being in London, so it took 1hr 45 min to get there and something like 3 hours to get back (due to night buses), but once we realised we weren't going to catch the last train, we stopped off in central London and got food and watched people. I also acquired a huge pile of books that Alex didn't want for various reasons, though they're mostly Laurell K. Hamilton's attempt at pr0n. (Though I read Skin Trade on the way home yesterday, and the ratio of bad sex to plot is much, much lower than most of her recent books, so I'm pleased with it).

I have two separate instantations of Firefox, each full of links that I've been meaning to share - must acquire some spoons and actually DO THAT.