March 31st, 2011


stuff I have been doing lately

So tired today. Have various things to talk about but very little energy with which to do it. This is a perpetual problem at the moment, though.

Richard was away in Paris doing paintball things over the weekend, so I had a visiting fluffymormegil and rowan_leigh. They were very useful for helping me, especially on Friday when Rowan took me shopping without any prior introduction to the wheelchair from hell and Kingston's stupidly-sloped pavements! Somehow I managed to wake up a bit after noon several days in a row.

Then when Richard got back on Monday, we went up to London. I dropped into College briefly, gave in the doctor's letter that I should have given in months ago, returned some library books, and saw both my supervisors. Then we went to Vx, where I bought some protein bars and cakes, including a mille feuille that fell into the "If I wasn't eating this in a vegan shop I wouldn't believe it could be vegan" category! (OM NOM NOM). Then we went to Foyles, to see the piranha and buy chemistry books. And finally to Chutney's where I had what I always have: thali number 3, vegan.

Then on Tuesday I slept, haha. Until the College Disability people phoned me, and suddenly decided that I need to get NEW Medical Evidence NOW so I can get more help next term. I don't feel well enough to deal with paperwork, and I'm not even certain that I'll be well enough to go back next term (at the beginning of May); but if I don't go back then I can't go back until September, which I think would be too long. Argh. Too tired. They're right - with all the many bank holidays I need to get the paperwork going a.s.a.p., but I don't have enough brain. Will try to make a start on it tomorrow.