April 6th, 2011


College and wheelchairs or scooters.

I have a rather difficult decision to make. It's whether I'm going back to College next term (at the start of May) or in September. Yes, because of the way that college fees work, I only have the choice of going back at the start of a term. I can't go back in the middle of a term, or over the long summer that is a break for undergraduates but part of the normal routine for postgrads. Gods damnit.

The argument is as follows: I'm not going to be better enough to do very much in May; but waiting until September is plain stupid. I'll get frustrated and behind. Really, I want to go back in June or July, but that isn't an option. Bah.

So I have to figure out getting some extra support from my Disabled Student's Allowance. The Disability Office at College reckons I shouldn't need to have a "top-up" Needs Assessment, I should simply need "some hefty medical evidence", but that still requires effort on my part. And I'm not exactly sure what I need in order to manage at College. Things that might be suggested are:
* a Personal Assistant to help with a manual wheelchair
* taxis all the way from home to College
* an electric wheelchair/scooter

I can't use a manual wheelchair without help because London pavements are absolutely terrible. I simply don't have the strength to push myself around, except indoors. So it's get help with a manual wheelchair, or get an electric wheelchair. Collapse )