September 10th, 2011


Dragon Quest IX is still eating my life.

So many posts I "need" to write. Will get round to it when I've finally recovered from BiCon. (Still sleeping way too much, glandy & snotty. Yay!). This is a post of little interest to almost everyone who'll read it, but important to me. So deal :P

I realised on the train home on Sunday that I'd left my Nintendo DS in Leicester. I knew exactly where it was - in the drawer of the bedside cabinet. I remembered putting it there because I was worried about falling over it on the floor, and thinking "Is this a sensible place to leave it? Will I forget it?" - and convincing myself that it was perfectly safe since I would see the DS charger plugged into the wall immediately above it, and that would remind me. HOW WRONG I WAS!

After a great deal of faff, I managed to get through to someone competent in the security lodge, who found the DS within minutes. Also skibbley, who lives in Leicester, very kindly agreed to get it and post it back to me. I kept saying to everyone how I wasn't even bothered about the DS, it's 6 years old - I just wanted the game back because I'd spent so long playing it!

Well, it turns out that I haven't spent 150 hours of my life playing Dragon Quest IX. I've spent 228 hours of my life playing it! And I'm still nowhere near finished! Honestly, best value for a game EVER if you like turn-based RPGs, dungeon crawling and cute monsters :)

Tonight I'm not even playing the game. I am copying the positions of high level Grottos from my old Dragon Quest IX map (which has run out of space due to the many low-level Grottos which I no longer care about) onto my new map. Yes, I'm a dork. I remain in this context not as geeky as my friend meeping, however. He has a spreadsheet.