September 15th, 2011


Paralympics 2012

Does anyone I know want to go to the Paralympics? I am not a "sports person", but I've always liked the Olympics, and I think it would be awesome to go. Since becoming more disabled I've been attracted to the Paralympics, for waffly reasons that could sound quite disablist if I tried to express them without lots of thought - so I'm not going to try right now. Anyway, the point is that I want to go and support disabled athletes. Ideally, our disabled athletes (*waves British flag*), but I would personally be happy to see anything at all. Except swimming events, because I fear being allergic to whatever they use to keep the water fresh, and an afternoon of wheezing doesn't sound like fun.

Tickets are on sale until 6pm on 26th September (but really, I'd want to have applied well before that!).

Here is ticket information for disabled people. Apparently they have wheelchair spaces, and not many steps seats, and seats for enhanced audio for visually impaired people, and seats with a clear view of a video screen for deaf people, but I don't know to what extent they can accommodate a mixed group of crips. It looks like they can do wheelchair user + deaf friend, perhaps - but not wheelchair user + deaf friend + blind friend. Fortunately, most of the people I know have either hearing issues or mobility issues, so that's okay.

Anyway - who's interested? Is anyone interested, or will I have to drag Richard along even though he isn't interested?!