November 7th, 2011



Richard & I are getting married on 1st February 2012. It's a Wednesday.

I need to write a general FAQ about the wedding, but here's some basic information for now.

We've given up on the idea of having the sort of wedding we actually want, and instead we're splitting it into two parts:
1) a tiny legal wedding with as few family members as possible, plus a handful of our closest friends to stop us murdering any of my family. Less than 20 people, simple civil service, meal at local restaurant.

2) a much bigger commitment ceremony, some months later (could be as late as 1st August 2013, depending on how badly hotel & flight prices have increased due to the Olympics) with many friends plus a handful of family members of our generation. Followed by a party with lots of cake, music, gaming area, and a chocolate fountain.

Essentially, we're doing something traditional with/for the oldies, and something untraditional for us.

The legal wedding will be in Kingston, but all I can say about the commitment ceremony is that it'll be in or near London.

In lieu of presents, we want friends with spare money to donate it so that friends who are broke can afford to come - like a convention fan fund or BiCon equality fund. The only people who will know who's given or received money will be me & Richard, and frankly we already know which of our friends have spare or no money anyway.

There is only one thing I need to say at this point: will anyone be offended not to be invited to the legal ceremony? Collapse )