November 9th, 2011

rainbow chemistry geek

Advice needed: Wedding rings.

I need opinions.

I "don't like rings". (This is very possibly a psychological hangup from a previous failed relationship, since as an ethical polyamorous person I have no need to hide my relationship status). I always said that if I got a wedding ring, it would live on a pendant rather than on my finger.

I have seen the most amazingly geeky, amazingly me, wedding ring in the history of the universe ever. I could link to it, but:
a) I'm trying to make this an abstract discussion.
b) if I don't get it, then I don't want the link left here.
c) it's so awesome that I'm actually kinda worried that someone else would buy it for themselves.

It is actually so incredibly awesome that I wouldn't get rid of it if, gods forbid, our relationship broke up. I'd just move it to another finger.

It would also look good as a pendant.

It is US $1600, for recycled platinum and recycled and/or ethically traded diamonds. That is $TERRIFYING_BIG_NUMBER, but not actually bad by the standards of platinum jewellery. (Platinum wedding-type rings start at £1000 and go up to £3000+. I'm pretty amazed to be able to find a platinum AND DIAMOND ring for just shy of £1000).

Of course, it is also available in cheaper metals, but I hate yellow gold. (Sadly, I have several yellow gold rings from when I was younger - I need to figure out if I'm going to sell them, or get the stones placed into other jewellery and recycle the metal...). Silver, white gold and palladium are all available.

a) Should I get it?
b) How do people reconcile themselves to walking around with THAT MUCH MONEY on their finger?