November 16th, 2011

richard again

Toilet wars.

I am currently waging war against someone who I've decided to call The Phantom Shitter. I don't know who this person is, only that they regularly leave the accessible toilet on the 6th floor full of the sort of matter that really should be flushed away.

The war consists of the following: I wheel into the accessible toilet, find it full of shit, shout "Oh, that's disgusting", flush the toilet using a wad of toilet paper to protect my hand, wheel out, dump wheelchair outside the normal women's toilet and use that instead (the women's toilet, not the wheelchair). It's quite a passive-aggressive war, all things considered. But I just have too much common decency than to start leaving my own "bombs" for the Phantom Shitter to find.

I really need to start writing passive-aggressive notes to leave on the toilet door. You know, things like "Please flush the toilet when you've finished *smiley face*". But it occurred to me that this might not be good enough.

H-L: What if the person is visually impaired, and the reason they're leaving the toilet dirty is that they can't see it's dirty?
Richard: *quick as a flash* Passive-aggressive notes in Braille.

This is just one reason why I love that boy.