December 11th, 2011



I really have my moments of being one of the most idiotic humans on the planet. After realising yesterday that my S.A.D. was totally out of control, I bought a Lumie Zip lightbox today. (This is a small, 350g box that contains white/blue LEDs & allegedly has 2 hours of rechargeable battery life). I am getting more done than I have in weeks!

It cost me £160 from John Lewis. Had I been organised, I could have got it direct from the manufacturers without paying VAT (since it's a recognised medical device for treating a genuine condition), however that'd mean waiting until Tuesday & I needed it NOW. Yesterday. Last week. Probably last month.

I don't know if it's the best lightbox in the world ever, but it's tiny, portable, & presumably low-energy because it has LEDs rather than bulbs. It seems to work. I'll see if anything better exists once my literature report is submitted & I have spare time to look.

Motivator, not Paralyser, please!

On Friday, it it was bothering me that not only was I not getting on with my college work, I wasn't panicked about how far behind I am. Yesterday, I went out and bought a goddamned lightbox. Since I got the lightbox, my ability to concentrate has come back...

...but so has my EXTREME STRESS about how late I've left this work! Now the panic is getting in the way. I would like it at the level of "motivator", not at the level of "paralyser". Stress stress stress.

Kind thoughts welcome.